Instructor Training

Kevin spends most of his time correcting mistakes taught by other instructor trainers to trainees

  • 75% of PDIs pass part 1
  • 50% pass part 2
  • 23% pass part 3
  • So only 12 to 13% of potential instructors make it to ADI s

Kevin has a 100% pass rates for the past 2 years for instructor training. We offer part 2 and 3 rescue as well as instructor training in all parts, or starting at any level

At a rate that beats the national schools check out our price list we offer great pass rates.

  • Become your own boss
  • Flexible work hours
  • Meet new people
  • Great job satisfaction

And that’s only the first step on the ladder! You could become a fleet instructor, advanced instructor, a driver educator or taxi or chauffeur trainer.

Call us if you have been let down by a trainer or driver training company for our PDI rescue.

  • Do you have a check/standards check coming up waiting for the letter to drop through the letter box?
  • Or have failed your last standards check or not happy with your grade?

Raise your profile and training standard! call and we can help you

All training is at your pace and we can do residential, intensive or round your current job